At Triumph, our Network/Web Server Analyst needs to have experience handling and maintaining Network and web server.

Core tasks:

Manage Website Infrastructure

Set up a web host, configure access for users, establish news and mail servers, and seamlessly connect databases and other back-end components. Responsible for familiarizing clients with the website and making sure it functions smoothly.

Monitor Performance

Evaluate website performance by checking metrics such as loading time and memory consumption. Going beyond the technical aspects, they also assess user feedback, effectiveness, and traffic, explore marketing techniques such as newsletters and SEO to draw more users into the website.

Provide Technical Support

Websites require constant maintenance after setup. No matter how robust a site is, it’s never a one-time job, and you must be proactive when addressing user concerns and resolving bugs. Additionally, upgrade and improve the fast-paced world of tech, so it’s up to you to integrate these advances.

Create and Update Web Pages

Work directly with code and often update webpages to add content or tweak the layout. For large-scale changes such as expanding the website, they create new web pages based on wireframes, which they may design themselves.

Evaluate Structure and Content

Contribute to the development of a website’s structure. Set basic standards for both graphics and content, check for quality before uploading components.

Skills and Qualifications

Must have strong technical expertise and problem-solving skills, with a working knowledge of both web development and system administration. A drive for constant learning is helpful, since this role deals with various facets of the web, from infrastructure to content.

Web development – Must be proficient in web programming languages in order to update or create web pages. At minimum, you should be able to convert designs into code through front-end development

Infrastructure expertise – Since the job revolves around maintaining websites, successful web admins are knowledgeable about security, hosting, network optimization, databases, and other infrastructure-related factors that affect a website’s performance

Testing – Test and debug website features, with the goal of making them error-free. Beyond programming tests, they also assess the website’s usability, design, content, and popularity

Dependability – Backups and disaster recovery plans

Tools of the Trade

Extremely proficient with the following tools:

Web programming languages (such as Javascript, Ruby, PHP, NodeJS)

Content management systems (such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla)

Web analytic tools (such as Google Analytics, SEMRush, Open Web Analytics)

Web hosting services (such as Godaddy, AWS, HostGator, SiteGround, Bluehost)

If you feel you are a fit and would like to join our team email your resume to with Web & App Server Administrator in the subject line and include a cover letter explaining how you will be an asset to our team which includes your experience, salary details and available joining date.